Another job well done!
Jan 10, 2022


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We were delighted to receive this feedback from  Stephen Hughes, Business Development Manager for our customer Drive Devilbiss last week following an important delivery to The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.

‘Just had feedback from Royal Devon & Exeter about the Caretek bed that was delivered yesterday. They contacted me to let me know that the delivery driver was one of the politest ones they have ever had. And that he was fantastic. If this was from John Pearce please pass the message on as it goes a long way and people don’t normally hear the good things that are said.’

We then received a follow up email from Alex Mimmack, Regional Business manager for Drive Devilbiss

‘I also received excellent service at an event in London last year.’

The driver was Wayne Whetton and we are really lucky to have him at John Pearce Transport.  He always delivers with a smile and will do all he can to help our customers.  Well done Wayne!



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