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Aug 31, 2021


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In order to try to help in the fight against emissions and to help promote a greener work ethic, our Driver Trainer, Karol Koziol has implemented a new Idling Policy.  Please see below the memo sent to all drivers this week;

‘John Pearce Glynneath cares about the environment and to do our bit, we’d like to reduce the impact of vehicle idling. Idling engines negatively impact your health, the health of people around your vehicle and the environment. An idling engine can emit more than twice as many pollutants per minute as when driving and can use up to two litres of fuel every hour.

We’re committed to reducing unnecessary idling while waiting to be loaded and unloaded, in stationary traffic queues and any times where your vehicle will not be moving for at least a minute. Unless you need to operate a tail-lift for a prolonged time, please switch your engine off when possible.’



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