Being On Time Is Our Business!


Our offices and warehouse are open from 6am Monday until Midnight Friday, re-opening Saturday and Sunday mornings. Outside these hours, somebody is always on call to deal with emergencies. We can load 24 hours 7 days a week. Our main site offers secure storage and parking during these times. The Company employs several transport managers who are supported by some of the latest Information Technology. At busy times, office personnel are able to input jobs direct from the source at customer premises via remote computer links. Certain members of staff hold HGV Class I and ADR licences and are well aware of the problems that drivers encounter from day today. The majority of drivers are qualified with ADR vocational training certificates. Our own Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser oversees the movement of hazardous loads and special waste consignments, working under the firm’s Waste Carrier’s Licence. The Company is fully committed to staff training, especially in the field of health and safety and manual handling.

A Fast And Efficient Service Guarantee…

Our heavy goods vehicles feature on-board computers and tracking. Their extensive trip reporting capability can provide our customers with detailed load information on every journey, including loading, hauling, waiting, and return trip times. The result is a highly productive transport operation that optimizes load space, with an emphasis on safety and efficiency. Our computerized Traffic Management System provides the following:

  • Immediate updates on collection/delivery notes and correct matching of part/return loads
  • A fully integrated accounting system
  • Reliable invoicing system – rapid turnover/return of Proof of Deliveries (POD’s)
  • Instant downloads for customer POD’s
  • In addition, scanning capabilities enable us to archive all of our important paperwork. This is a fast and efficient way of retrieving stored images in a digital format for customers. POD archives can then be stored onto CD, and sent to customers to help verify deliveries and speed up settlement of accounts.
  • All vehicles monitored by a live tracking system