Training continues in earnest for Tokyo!
Mar 28, 2024


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It won’t be long now before British Adaptive Judo Gold Medallist Richard Goodall travels to Tokyo to take part in a very exciting training opportunity with the top Judo competitors from Japan. They will have an opportunity to train at Kodokan Judo Institute — the headquarters of the worldwide Judo Community. They begin their tour in Ikebukuro, an up and coming district of Tokyo before moving onto  Asakusa, one of the older parts of Tokyo renowned for its traditional craft shops and street food stalls.  As well as training with both Adaptive and Mainstream judoka  they have the opportunity to watch the All Japan Championships at Kodokan and have a personal fitting for a Gi. Some free time is also factored in and I am sure there is so much to see in such an amazing city. We wish Richard and all the members of the British Adaptive Judo Team all the best on their tour and hope to see some fabulous photos on their return. We are delighted to be able to play a small part with our continued sponsorship.  Watch this space!


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